About Dwight Smith

Dwight, a native of the Eastern Shore of Maryland, now resides on Florida’s West Coast. He as been an active watercolor artist since he earned his BFA degree in 1980 from the Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, Ohio.

Through the last 20 years, Dwight has had paintings accepted in watercolor exhibits across America and has achieved Signature status in the Southern Watercolor Society. From 1989-2001 he was represented by the Palm Avenue Gallery in Sarasota, Florida.

Dwight finds inspiration for his paintings from his faith in God and his relationship with Jesus Christ, who allows him to see art in ordinary objects that make up our lives everyday. Dwight’s paintings and illustrations are in a realist style and most have a narrative story to tell. Whether its a pig walking a clothes line, thimbles with a floating angel, there are stories behind Dwight’s art. Still life paintings in the realist tradition are what he enjoys to paint the most. Each painting could contain objects found from every room in your home. Old or new kitchen utensils, tools from the garage, cupcakes, baseballs, wine bottle corks, everything is fair game for a painting.

Dwight also finds inspiration from old and new architecture. Churches, barns, or parts of them can help create a story in his art. The subject may be painted in correct scale or taken completely out of context, depending on his creative goal and the story he wishes to tell. Birds, lady beetles, and butterflies also become part of Dwight’s still life paintings. Living in Bradenton, Florida has afforded him various types of birds and bugs as topics. From BlueJays and Cardinals to little strange yellow bellied song birds and butterflies that get trapped in his screened in porch, Dwight creatively places them in his still life artwork.

When he isn’t painting watercolors or creating pen and ink illustrations, Dwight enjoys life with his wife, step son, and Bandit the Boxer.

If you have any questions please contact him at: dsmithh2oart@yahoo.com

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